Conservatives call on Trudeau Liberals To Reverse Harm Done To Canada’s Natural Resource Workers

This week, Minister Sohi has the opportunity to listen to his provincial counterparts instead of ignoring the continued calls of the Premiers to cancel the Liberals’ job killing carbon tax, reverse the anti-resource and anti-pipeline Bill C-69, end the oil export ban Bill C-48, and give back power over economic development to the North that the Liberals removed in Bill C-88.

If Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberals are serious about making Canada’s energy and mining sectors competitive, Minister Sohi would commit to immediately scrapping Bill C-69 and axing the carbon tax in front of his provincial and territorial partners this week. But Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberals won’t, because they always put the special interests of a small group of anti-resource and anti-energy activists ahead of the hundreds of thousands of women and men who work in Canada's natural resource sectors.

There is no region of this country that the Liberals’ anti-resource development agenda has not harmed: from offshore drilling in Atlantic Canada, to oil and gas development in the North, to mining in Quebec, Ontario and BC, and oil and gas development across Western Canada. The Liberals imposed new taxes, increased red-tape, created uncertainty and chaos for project developers, all at the cost of good-paying Canadian jobs - putting Canada at a disadvantage against international competitors.

The Liberal plan to kill Canada’s resource industries is no surprise. Prime Minister Trudeau has been open about his plan to ‘phase-out’ the oil and gas sector, and feels the need to apologize to his international billionaire friends for Canada’s environmentally and socially responsible natural resources.

The Liberals rammed through a carbon tax that makes new mines and resource development in rural and remote communities less competitive. The ‘no more pipelines’ Bill C-69 kills jobs, drives away investment, and already cost our economy billions. Bill C-48 blocks Western Canadian oil from international markets, while doing nothing to stop foreign imported oil from countries with terrible environmental and human rights records. The Liberals also prohibited resource development on wide swaths of northern land - without consultation and without warning.

Canada’s Conservatives will always stand with struggling families who rely on Canada’s natural resource jobs. Conservatives will scrap the ‘no more pipelines’ Bill C-69, axe the carbon tax, and give certainty to the private sector to get pipelines built. Conservatives are proud of Canada’s world class production of natural resources, have a plan to get Canadian resources to global markets, and will finally help hard working Canadians to get-ahead.”