Conservatives Will End The Corruption, Make Life More Affordable, And Turn Hurt Into Hope!

Last week, MP Shannon Stubbs issued the following statement to the House of Commons:


Mr. Speaker,


After 8 years of these Liberals, Canadians are struggling.


While the Prime Minister spent millions of tax dollars to upgrade his official lakeside cottage,


housing costs for every day Canadians have doubled.


Almost 40 per cent now have to borrow just to make ends meet.


More than half can’t feed their family and save money,


while 20 per cent skip meals to afford the basics.


Canadians on fixed incomes have to choose between food, fuel, and home heating,


and two thirds of Canadians have to put off retiring.


Meanwhile, this Prime Minister spent more than all previous Prime Ministers, combined, even before Covid.


The reckless, record cost of his government drives up the cost of living.


Canadians have never had it so bad, but Liberal insiders have never had it so good.


Liberal Ministers give thousands of tax dollars to their close friends, their staff’s family, or to former Liberal MPs.


Liberals even broke Ethics laws six times –  the Prime Minister himself, twice – for lavish vacations and perks for their pals.


Conservatives will end the corruption, make life more affordable, and turn hurt into hope.