Liberals Broke Canada’s Regulatory Process. They Can't Be Trusted To Fix It.

Shannon Stubbs, Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, issued the following statement today following the release of Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy:


“The Liberal government neglects Canada’s mining sector, creates regulatory uncertainty, and adds red tape. This strategy is another virtue-signalling smoke-and-mirrors announcement that will shovel tax dollars out the door instead of fixing the problems Liberals created.


“This strategy puts $61.5 million into helping businesses navigate the Liberals' onerous and opaque regulations, instead of cutting red tape and fixing the government’s glacial approval processes. It will spend millions on roundtables, working groups, and “exploring” vague “opportunities” to align domestic and international regulation, but will achieve nothing.


“The mine-killing Bill C-69, the Liberal carbon tax, the incoming Liberal fuel regulations, and other bills like C-48’s tanker ban, create uncertain and subjective timelines, infringe on provincial jurisdiction, and allow Liberals to pick winners and losers in Canadian resource development. This strategy is more of the same.


“Despite Canada's enviable and diverse wealth of natural resources, which underpin its entire economy, its world class innovative, talented and highly skilled work force, outstanding environmental standards, and previously globally renowned regulatory expertise, the Liberals have made Canada fall far behind in competitiveness and investment attention for natural resources development. From mines to pipelines to drilling operations, the only way the Liberals can get companies to put in new projects is by bankrolling investment opportunities with taxpayer dollars, and then paying consultant fees for multi-million dollar companies to navigate Liberal red tape.


“Canada needs a clear regulatory process that respects provincial jurisdiction and minimizes duplication. It’s obvious that the Liberals can’t achieve this goal.


“The Liberals broke Canada’s regulatory process. They cannot be trusted to fix it. A Conservative government under Pierre Poilievre would remove Liberal-created red tape and regulatory duplication. A Conservative government would simplify regulation for all natural resources sectors, axe the carbon tax, repeal the mine-killing C-69, and displace resources from countries with low environmental and human rights standards by getting more of Canada’s world-leading environmentally and socially responsible produced minerals to the world.”