M.P. Stubbs Comments on Prime Minister Trudeau Skipping World's Largest Mining Conference in Toronto

On Monday the Liberal Minister of Natural Resources spoke at the Prospectors and Developers Convention. Mining contributes $57 billion dollars to our GDP but struggles in a prolonged downturn. The Minister acknowledged uncertainty is bad for the business, but the government’s transitional regulatory approach creates instability, deters investment and causes job losses.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister was minutes away naming two pandas and didn’t stop in to the largest mining meeting in the world. 

I guess Prime Minister Trudeau figured pandas don’t ask tough questions or need real answers.

Tomorrow, the Prime Minister is rubbing elbows with the Center for American Progress that calls Canadian energy “dirty business”. 

LNG projects are at risk; there’s no hint of a deal on softwood lumber. 

Canadians know making priorities is hard, and maybe they’re just not ready yet – but it’s a bad pattern.  

Canadians will start to have some “joy” when the Liberals give them “hope” that they have a real plan for the hundreds of thousands of workers whose jobs are on the line in our world-leading natural resources sector.