Press Release: The NDP-Liberals Continue to Attack Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry With Their Emissions Cap!

Shannon Stubbs, MP for Lakeland, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, and Vice-Chair Standing Committee on Natural Resources; Jeremy Patzer, MP for Cypress Hills—Grasslands; Ted Falk, MP for Provencher; and Earl Dreeshen, MP for Red Deer—Mountain View; released the following statement regarding their dissenting opinion to the Natural Resources Committee’s study into a Liberal Emissions Cap on Canada’s oil and gas sector:


“The Canadian oil and gas sector provides hundreds of thousands of quality, stable, and well-paying jobs, and is a world leader in clean technology development and environmental performance. Annually, the Canadian oil and gas sector provides billions in tax revenue and royalties to all three levels of government, and donates hundreds of millions to local charities and communities. In some regions, the sector is the only major source of jobs and economic opportunities.


“The Standing Committee on Natural Resources’ final report fails to identify the impacts of an emissions cap on several fronts, including the serious risk of carbon leakage, the impact on the Canadian economy overall, and on rural, remote, and Indigenous communities. It fails to recognize Canada’s oil and gas sector’s status and continued progress on emissions reduction.


“A Liberal emissions cap jeopardizes the global geo-political and socio-economic contributions of Canada’s oil and gas sector and its world-leading environmental, labour, governance, Indigenous engagement, transparency, and human rights standards. The proposal will also infringe on provincial jurisdiction, undermine Canada’s competitiveness and ability to attract major private sector investment, and therefore will negatively impact oil and gas production.”


“There’s no doubt that the Liberals’ emissions cap is harmful to the Canadian energy sector. For this reason, Conservatives oppose an emissions cap, and released their dissenting report titled The Demise of The Canadian Energy Sector."