A Landmark Pipeline Agreement with Indigenous Communities

MP Shannon Stubbs issued the following statement to the House of Commons on the historic Enbridge pipeline agreement with Indigenous communities: 


Mr. Speaker,


The new Conservative leader will put the people first, their pay cheques, their savings, their home, and their country.


So, we celebrate the historic agreement between Enbridge and 23 First Nations and Metis communities.


They now own 12% – over a billion dollars worth – of pipelines in the Athabasca region, with long-term, predictable cash flow to build schools, improve roads, help meet their basic needs, and better their quality of life.


Indigenous people have long been partners, contractors, workers, suppliers, and producers in responsible oil and gas. They’re leaders in Canadian natural resources, but the Liberals’ anti-energy agenda threatens dozens of indigenous-led and supported projects from pipelines to mines to LNG.


But all 9 indigenous communities in Lakeland overcame barriers to secure this economic development, and are now all owners in the largest deal of its kind in North America.


So, to:


Buffalo Lake, Elizabeth, Fishing Lake, and Kikino Metis Settlements,


and to:


Frog Lake, Kehewin, Onion Lake, Saddle Lake, and Whitefish/Goodfish Lake First Nations,


Congratulations on this landmark achievement, and on all your progress turning hurt to hope!