Shannon Stubbs, Conservative MP for Lakeland

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Shannon Stubbs, the Member of Parliament for Lakeland and Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, issued the following statement on the removal of the dedicated small and medium oil and gas employer emergency loan program: “The removal of the oil and gas specific loan program proves the Liberals never had any intention of helping struggling oil and gas employers. It was all just smoke and mirrors. Literally hours after the last COVID-19 parliamentary accountability session before the summer recess the Liberals removed the oil and gas loans with an end of day webpage update. Their disdain for Parliamentary accountability could not be more apparent.”

Shannon Stubbs Calls for Immediate Support for Energy Sector Workers

Today, Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and MP for Lakeland, urged the Liberal government to deliver support for Canadian energy workers and businesses, and suggested immediate actions they could take:

Shannon Stubbs Takes Action to Encourage Private Investors to Decommission Old and Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells

Lakeland Member of Parliament Shannon Stubbs is proposing new measures to slow the dramatic rise in orphaned oil and gas wells.  Ms. Stubbs, the Conservative Shadow Minister of Natural Resources, introduced The Environmental Restoration Incentive Act, Bill C-221 in the House of Commons. This bill will create an immediate tax credit for decommissioning old and inactive oil and gas wells and proposes a flow-through share mechanism to get private investors to invest in well closure, remediation and reclamation. 

Support Bill C-221

I am proud to introduce the Environmental Restoration Incentive Act, Bill C-221. This bill will help the environment, create immediate jobs for oil and gas workers, and protect taxpayers.

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