Shannon Stubbs, Conservative MP for Lakeland

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Bill C-21 Punishes Legal Firearms Owners while Ignoring Illegal Guns used by Criminals

MP Shannon Stubbs released the following statement on Bill C-21, the NDP-Liberals' firearms confiscation program:

Liberal "No More Pipelines" Bill Declared Unconstitutional

MP Shannon Stubbs released the following statement following the Alberta Court of Appeal's ruling declaring Bill C-69 (No more pipelines bill) unconstitutional:

Business Risk Management Programs Still Aren't Fixed

Shannon Stubbs wrote Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, highlighting again the inaction to fix Business Risk Management programs and following-up on her letter in January:

Support Bill C-221

I am proud to introduce the Environmental Restoration Incentive Act, Bill C-221. This bill will help the environment, create immediate jobs for oil and gas workers, and protect taxpayers.

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