Liberals’ ‘Just Transition’ Will Kill Thousands of Jobs And Cause More Hurt

Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Shannon Stubbs, released the following statement on the Liberals’ cross-country trek to fool workers while killing their jobs:

“Bill C-50 will set out a plan to kill hundreds of thousands of good-paying Canadian jobs and make life more expensive for everyday Canadians. Liberal Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson’s visit to Alberta is just a ploy to fool workers by repackaging their ‘Just Transition’ scheme with a new name – but it is the same job killing plan. A ‘Just Transition’ is anything but just, and Trudeau’s “Sustainable Jobs” plan is anything but sustainable.

“Trudeau’s woke policy will kill 170,000 direct Canadian jobs, displace a further 450,000 direct and indirect jobs, and risk the livelihoods of 2.7 million Canadian workers. The Liberal government will turn the hurt they have caused into more hurt by forcing down the main economic driver for many of our communities, and the interconnected jobs and businesses they rely on. This radical NDP-Liberal plan will undermine our energy security, destroy 10% of Canada’s GDP, and drive up the cost of energy and goods for all Canadians.

“The no-sense approach of Trudeau is to spend billions to shut down the highest private-sector investor in clean technology and destroy the $20 billion that our top industry provides to all levels of government every year. He wants to increase his carbon tax, install a second carbon tax, and add more regulations that will raise the cost of living and make everything, from home heating to gas to grocery prices more expensive for Canadians. All while continuing to fail to meet a single solitary climate target. It makes no sense.

“The common-sense Conservative approach is to achieve lower emissions through transformation, not transition. Technology, not taxes. Led by the private sector, not government. Conservatives will make both traditional and alternative energy affordable and accessible, accelerate approvals, and put Canadian resources, innovation, and workers first to ensure Canadian energy security, and self-sufficiency.

“This bill is just another step in Trudeau’s woke anti-energy agenda to end Canadian oil and gas. Conservatives will lower the cost of carbon free energy, speed up approvals to greenlight green projects, and bring home more powerful paycheques for Canadian workers.”