Bill C-21 Punishes Legal Firearms Owners while Ignoring Illegal Guns used by Criminals

MP Shannon Stubbs released the following statement on Bill C-21, the NDP-Liberals' firearms confiscation program:





June 2, 2022



On May 30, 2022, the federal Liberal Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendicino, re-introduced Bill C-21 in the House of Commons, which includes a “freeze” on handgun ownership in Canada.  The previous Bill C-21, which contained a number of provisions, including a firearms confiscation program, did not pass all stages to become law before the election in 2021. MP Stubbs was the Shadow Minister for Public Safety before the last election, and led the Conservative Official Opposition’s efforts against Bill C-21 at the time.


Stubbs, the Member of Parliament for Lakeland and the current Shadow Minister for Rural Economic Development and Broadband, commented on Monday’s announcement:


“This Liberal government always makes a big show about cracking down on gun violence whenever there is a mass shooting tragedy in either the United States – or, more rarely but no less urgent and heart breaking, in Canada - but their policies won’t actually make the streets and communities safer for Canadians. The current Bill C-21 is a lot like the old one. It targets law-abiding firearms owners, collectors, and retailers while failing to combat the cause of most gun crime in Canada: criminals and gangs with illegally smuggled guns. Today’s so-called freeze on handgun ownership is truly a wasteful and ineffective “guns for gangs only” approach that punishes already legal, law abiding firearms owners, and won’t stop criminals and gangsters who already break the laws, and aren’t worried about lawfully following rules or filing paperwork.”


Canada’s Conservatives are committed to actually strengthen and secure public safety through real action to tackle gun crime head-on. Conservatives have always urged increased funding and coordination for border security to clamp down on illegal firearms smuggling, and continue to call for mandatory minimum penalties to keep violent gang members off the street, and to focus on gangs and criminals by ending automatic bail, revoking parole for gang members, and new and tougher sentences for ordering or involvement in violent gang crime.


“The reality is that gun crime and shootings are up in Canada under the Liberals. But, incredibly, right now, the Liberals are also pushing through legislation that will eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for dangerous criminals convicted of a wide range of violent gun crimes like robbery, extortion, trafficking and discharging with intent. A core responsibility of government is to protect public safety, and Canadians everywhere, especially in big cities where gun smuggling and crimes are on the rise, should rightfully expect government action, but this Liberal approach is backwards.


“Unlike the Liberals, Canada’s Conservatives focus on real outcomes and whether laws actually achieve objectives. What Bill C-21 proves is that the Liberals, as always, are more concerned with appearances. They play fast and loose with the facts, make up words to scare, and ignore the actual problem. “


“The Liberals are effectively trading on Canadians' fear and safety for short-term political gain. This week’s announcement continues the Liberals’ ongoing preoccupation with taking firearms away from law-abiding Canadians, while leaving already illegal guns on the streets in the hands of gangs who will never comply, and removing automatic minimum penalties when criminals break existing firearms laws and terrorize victims and innocent Canadians. It just makes no sense. I will oppose the current Bill C-21 just as I argued against the previous one.”