The Liberals have said that it is their ‘goal’ to make a decision by June 18th. That is less than a month and a half away. 

The only decision standing in the way of construction starting is a political decision by Liberal Ministers.

You can join the majority of Canadians who support building the Trans Mountain Expansion! 

To take action you can: 

1. Sign up for updates on the progress of the petition


2. Sign the House of Commons petition here


3. Record your own video, tag it #BuildTMX, share it to social media, and challenge your friends to record their own videos. 

You can download the 'official' #BuildTMX video end clip here:

Download End Clip


4. Download a paper copy of the petition here and collect signatures:

(return postage is free - simply mail it to Shannon Stubbs, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6)

Download Paper Copy


5. Use the following logo in any social media posts to support the petition: 

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5. Share videos from other Canadians supporting the petition to social media: 


Shannon Stubbs