Liberal "No More Pipelines" Bill Declared Unconstitutional

MP Shannon Stubbs released the following statement following the Alberta Court of Appeal's ruling declaring Bill C-69 (No more pipelines bill) unconstitutional:




May 10, 2022



Shannon Stubbs, Member of Parliament for Lakeland and Shadow Minister for Rural Economic Affairs and Broadband, made the following statement concerning the Alberta Court of Appeal’s ruling on Bill C-69:


“I join with my colleagues and all Albertans in commending the Appeal Court’s ruling on Bill C-69 which noted that the Liberal government’s heavy-handed approach violates provincial jurisdiction over resource development,” MP Stubbs noted.


“I said from day one that Bill C-69 would make it impossible for resource developers, and oil and gas companies in particular, to proceed with large-scale projects and ensure that no new major resource infrastructure like pipelines would be proposed in Canada again because of rules for assessments create more uncertainty, duplication, and double standards, which would continue to drive money and jobs into other countries. Bill C-69 would also allow a single Minister to force any project to undergo a lengthy, costly, federal review, even if it has already gone through a provincial review, clearly violating provincial control over resources.”


“The actions of this anti-energy Liberal government have devastated Alberta’s economy, eliminated hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs in the resource sector and driven away hundreds of millions of dollars in new investments across Canada. The Liberal government’s single-minded preoccupation with shutting down Canada’s oil and gas sector has hurt communities throughout Alberta and across Canada, including indigenous communities involved in resource development, while actually benefiting other countries with lesser environmentally responsible development that only benefits a wealthy and elite few.”          


“The scope of Bill C-69 is truly disturbing as its impacts go well beyond major resource development, would allow federal governments to steam roll provinces, and give unprecedented potential federal government power over provincial highways, provincial passenger trains, provincial recycling plants, and provincial resources, like wind, minerals, hydro and oil. Not since the 1980s have the federal Liberals pitted Canadians against each other over natural resources – and put the whole Canadian economy at risk – like these Liberals.”