Liberal Appointed Senators Rescue Justin Trudeau’s Plan to Landlock Canadian Oil

Kelly Block, Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, and Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, released a statement following the vote on Bill C-48 in the Senate:
“Conservatives disagree in the strongest terms with the decision by Liberal appointed senators in the Senate to rescue Justin Trudeau’s plan to land-lock Canadian oil and gas. This legislation is a slap in the face to out-of-work, under-employed and struggling energy workers from coast to coast.

“This bill is not an environment bill – it is a big part of Justin Trudeau’s plan to “phase-out” Canada’s oilsands. That is why a future Conservative government will repeal this bill when we form government.
“Despite stark warnings from workers, experts and Premiers about the devastating impact this bill will have on the entire Canadian economy, the Liberals and their allies in the Senate are forging ahead with this disastrous legislation. Conservatives in both the House of Commons and the Senate have opposed this divisive and job killing legislation from day one - when this bill was introduced in the House of Commons a year and a half ago.
“The world needs more Canadian energy. If Canada cannot export oil and gas, then countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Russia with lower human rights and environmental protections will supply the growing international demand. Developing Canada’s ethically and environmentally sustainably produced oil and gas is good for the planet and good for Canadian workers”
“While Justin Trudeau is dividing Canadians, killing pipeline projects and forcing Canadians to pay his job killing carbon tax, Andrew Scheer has a plan to unite Canadians, get Canada’s energy sector back to work, and help all Canadians get ahead.”