Liberals flawed firearm confiscation program is costing Canadians

Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, and Richard Martel, Conservative Quebec Political Lieutenant, released the following statement in response to the Parliamentary Budget Officer's report on the cost of the Liberal's buyback program:

"Today, the Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed to Canadians that the Liberals will spend up to $756 million, plus significant administrative costs, to take firearms away from law-abiding firearms owners - instead of spending that money to tackle the issue of illegally smuggled guns.

"Canadians are now seeing the true cost of Trudeau's agenda - approximately $750 million wasted to take legal firearms from law-abiding Canadian citizens. Like the first Liberal government gun registry, the firearms buyback program is yet another billion-dollar boondoggle that does nothing to truly address increasing violent crime, gun smuggling, and gang violence in our communities.

“The simple fact is that every dollar spent taking a firearm away from a law-abiding firearm owner is a dollar not going to fight the true issue of firearm crime in Canada – illegally smuggled guns.

"Conservatives have, and will always, support common-sense firearms policies that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. That's why Canada's Conservatives are calling for this wasteful and unnecessary political program to be scrapped immediately – and for the Liberal government to put forward a real plan to keep Canadians safe.

"If you don't care about protecting public safety and respecting law-abiding firearms owners, there are three parties to choose from. If you do, there is only one choice to secure Canada's future: Canada's Conservatives."