Liberals move forward with backdoor gun registry

Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness issued the following statement calling on the Trudeau Liberal’s to abandon their plan to put in place a backdoor gun registry.

“Yesterday, with hours left before parliament rises for the summer, the Trudeau government announced their plans to move forward with a backdoor gun registry previously introduced in 2019’s Bill C-71.

“It is shameful that despite having years to conduct a fair and honest review of these regulations, the Liberals government is attempting to rush these regulations through without the proper scrutiny.

“Instead of providing Parliament with a with an opportunity to consult with Indigenous representatives, firearms businesses, and law-abiding firearm owners – all of whom will be impacted by these regulations coming into force – the Trudeau government waited until the last possible moment to prevent Parliamentarians from being able to properly examine the Liberal’s plan.

“Liberals are demonizing law-abiding firearms owners while at the same time introducing new measures to reduce sentencing for criminals charged with illegal gun offences. This is a confusing and hypocritical message they are sending on crime and fails to keep Canadians safe from gang violence or effectively tackle illegal firearms smuggling operations.

“Canada’s Conservatives continue to call on the Trudeau Liberals to repeal C-71, put an end to their plans for a backdoor gun registry, and respect law-abiding firearms owners.

“If you don’t care about protecting public safety and respecting law-abiding firearms owners, there are three parties to choose from. If you do, there is only one choice to secure Canada’s future: Canada’s Conservatives.