MP Stubbs Says New Year Will Bring More of the Same from the Liberals

On Monday, Members of Parliament from coast to coast to coast returned to Ottawa from a 6 week constituency break. Shannon Stubbs, Member of Parliament for Lakeland and the Official Opposition’s Deputy Critic for Natural Resources, says Canadians can expect little change from the Liberals.

“Canadians have been confronted with a year of cash-for-access scandals, out of control spending, and more, higher taxes. To kick-off 2017, Canada’s Ethics Commissioner will question the Prime Minister on his cash-for-access fundraisers where special interest groups paid for meetings to discuss government business. This is the first time ever that a sitting Prime Minister will be questioned for his unethical behavior by the Ethics Commissioner. It is ridiculous,” said Stubbs.

The Liberals are expected to table new legislation in response to the criticism of their cash for access scandal. This legislation would make these specific fundraisers more transparent, forcing events to be held in publicly accessible spaces rather than private homes or clubs, publicly advertising events far in advance and introducing a mandatory public report that must be released swiftly following the event.

“The Prime Minister can’t keep his own word. Implementing a new law will not make the Prime Minister’s fundraisers ethical,” said Stubbs. “Bending the rules so the PM can keep charging $1,500 for wealthy individuals to meet him and discuss government business is still wrong. The rules are clear: why can’t the Prime Minister follow them? If he wanted to end cash-for-access fundraisers, all he has to do is stop attending them. It shouldn’t take additional legislation to do so.”

Canada’s Official Opposition plans to fully oppose the Liberals’ agenda of uncontrolled spending and high deficits.

“The Liberals have already blown through their promise to only borrow a few billion dollars to create jobs. Now, the Prime Minister admits Canada will be in debt until 2055, and additional tax hikes will be necessary to pay for it. A young Canadian celebrating their 18th birthday this year will be paying for this deficit until their 56th birthday. That is almost their entire professional working life.

This means higher taxes and fewer resources for priority programs and services for future generations. The Liberals have already implemented a CPP tax hike and a carbon tax, and cancelled or clawed-back tax credits for families, students and small businesses. The Finance Minister says he’ll be looking to eliminate more tax credits in Budget 2017,” said Stubbs.

“The Liberals keep taking more from Canadians and increasing the costs of everything for everyone. Conservatives will keep fighting for job creation, keeping taxes low and putting an end to out-of-control Liberal spending. The fun is over for the Prime Minister and it’s time to get down to serious work. I look forward to standing up for all Canadians in the session ahead.”