MP Stubbs Welcomes Keystone XL Approval

Today, the President of the United States signed an executive order approving Trans Canada’s Keystone XL Pipeline.

“Today’s announcement from Washington is great news for Albertans, and for all Canadians. Keystone XL will increase export capacity into the US, create thousands of jobs for Canadians in oil and gas, and manufacturing, and finally provide workers and proponents some certainty,” said Shannon Stubbs, MP for Lakeland and Official Opposition Deputy Critic for Natural Resources. “This approval of responsible energy transportation infrastructure will increase export capacities to Canada’s #1 oil and gas customer, diversify Canadian energy export markets, and expand the customer base for Canadian energy around the world.”

Keystone XL, which will run 1,900 kilometers from Hardisty, Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska, was approved under the previous Conservative government, which helped secure broad-based support in both the U.S. Senate and Congress, but was ultimately vetoed by former President Obama.

“While the US is ramping up domestic energy production and positioning to become a major energy competitor for Canadian oil and gas, I am glad the President made a common sense, fact based decision, put economic best interests, the Canadian US partnership, and the standard of living and energy security of North Americans, ahead of extremist ideology and short sighted activism, by reversing the previous veto,” said Stubbs. “Canada’s energy is the most socially and environmentally responsible oil and gas in the world. Expanding the ability to export it internationally means Canada will continue to be a global energy leader.”

Although this decision is being celebrated by many levels of governments across the country, other important Canadian energy projects must move forward.

“Keystone XL is a great step, but Canada’s energy products need to get to more markets in the future, and critical infrastructure is required in all directions. The Liberals have delayed and changed the approval steps for Energy East, and for other energy development, over and over again. The extensions to Canada’s already world leading regulatory process, and comments like those of the Prime Minister about phasing out the oil sands, cause uncertainty for investors, pipeline proponents, and for unemployed energy workers,” said Stubbs. “Canada needs to continue to develop its vast energy resources. Energy East will provide Canadian oil to Canadian refineries under Canadian standards, providing Canadian jobs and enabling access to tidewater. The Liberals are threatening Canada’s competitiveness and long term prosperity by stalling this project further. Instead, they should champion Canadian oil and gas, and Canadian workers – because the world needs more Canada.”