Shannon Stubbs Reappointed Shadow Minister for Natural Resources

Shannon Stubbs, the Member of Parliament for Lakeland is reappointed by Conservative leader Andrew Scheer as the Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources. She issued the following statement:


“I'm honoured that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has appointed me again to serve as Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, and to lead the fight for the sector's competitiveness. The livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of workers and families, and the future of thousands of communities across Canada, depend on it. I also look forward to continuing to work closely with BC Member of Parliament Cathy McLeod, in her new role as Shadow Minister for Mining and Forestry, as we did when she served as Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs.


“Canada’s natural resource sectors are in crisis – and federal Liberal policies are a key cause. Forestry in British Columbia is collapsing, mining in the north is stalled – which is worrisome because mining is often the only private-sector source of jobs and government revenues, oil and gas on the Prairies is an economic catastrophe created by the Liberals, and the Liberals' anti-resource, anti-small business Bill C-69 could block further forestry, mining and offshore oil and gas development in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Liberal Bill C-69 stands in the way of developing a national energy corridor.


“Prime Minister Trudeau lost one million votes in 2019, with the weakest mandate in Canadian history. After running a deliberately divisive campaign – picking fights with Premiers and vilifying Canada’s oil and gas workers – Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is fully to blame for Canada’s national unity crisis. By pitting region against region for his own political gain, Prime Minister Trudeau revived the separatist Bloc Quebecois and created unprecedented alienation in Alberta and Saskatchewan.


“If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is serious about walking his talk on working with the Prairies, then he will instruct Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan to work collaboratively with the Official Opposition to address the national unity challenges his Liberal government caused.


“Canadians expect this Parliament and this country to work for them - and our Conservative team is ready to do just that. The Conservative team is focused on the job Canadians elected us to do – to stand up for hard working Canadian families who continue to suffer at the hands of Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal government. I am so proud to represent Lakeland. No matter what portfolio or responsibilities I have, I will always advocate strongly for my constituents, and for the hard-working farmers, agricultural producers, oil and gas workers and entrepreneurs who create jobs, and sustain the families and communities in the Lakeland region!”