Shannon Stubbs, Member of Parliament for Lakeland, was appointed by the new Conservative and Official Opposition leader, Pierre Poilievre, as the Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources. She issued the following statement:



“Thank you to our new Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, for your trust and the opportunity to serve as Shadow Minister for Natural Resources. The diverse and multi-faceted natural resources sector is a core pillar of the Canadian economy, and I look forward to continuing to champion the workers and communities who are its lifeblood. Canada's wealth of energy, mineral, and forestry development and expertise is central to our country's future, and bestows Canada a unique role in the world on energy security as an environmentally responsible, democratic, and transparent producer. I also look forward to working closely with my colleague from Quebec, MP Gérard Deltell, in his new role as Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change.


“Conservatives will advocate to make both traditional and new energy options more affordable and accessible by removing gatekeepers, and by bringing costs and red tape down, and project approvals up, with the aim to ensure production, transportation, and export infrastructure can actually get built. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes energy more expensive for Canadians, and helps other countries by driving money, jobs and businesses away, Conservatives will put Canadian natural resources first, and bring money, jobs, and businesses home.


“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has no problem with traditional sources of energy – everywhere other than Canada, and especially under despotic regimes with nowhere near Canada’s environmental standards or track record. The consequences of Liberal policies give money and leverage to brutal dictatorships by killing billions of dollars worth of LNG and pipeline infrastructure projects in Canada. The growth and export of Canadian oil and gas puts money into clean tech and green innovation, but the Liberals actually push global pollution up, and businesses out, leaving Canada without self sufficiency, and unable to support European allies who are in desperate need of more energy.


“Stalled or abandoned projects in oil and gas, nuclear, mineral development, and forestry are the result of NDP-Liberal anti energy, anti private sector legislation and policies. The natural resources sector can sustain hundreds of thousands of jobs, contribute billions towards the Canadian economy and all three levels of government, and drives the majority of private sector investment in clean and alternative technologies, but the federal government must get out of the way. In May 2022, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that the wide ranging, damaging Bill C-69 was unconstitutional, but the federal government refuses to eliminate it, even when all provinces are united in opposition to it, and are appealing in the Supreme Court.


“I have served in this role previously, and of course am keenly aware how important the natural resources sector, along with agriculture, is to the people and communities across Lakeland and Alberta. I will continue to champion and bust myths about the world class work of the employees, suppliers, and producers in responsible oil and gas development across the province.


“Our inflation-busting Conservative team with Pierre Poilievre will work hard to make life more affordable and will put THE people first, their paycheques, their savings, their home and their country, and to turn hurt into hope.”