Shannon Stubbs demands that Trudeau takes action against gangs

Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness issued the following statement calling on the Liberal government to take tougher action on organized crime:

"Gang violence is spinning out of control under Justin Trudeau. The May 9 Vancouver Airport shooting is just the latest horrible attack to take place in Canada that is the result of Liberal inaction. In British Columbia alone, there have already been 15 gang-related murders this year.

"Sadly, Canadians are suffering the consequences of the Trudeau Liberals' weak stance on crime. Since the Liberal government was elected in 2015, there has been an alarming growth in organized crime. According to the 2020 National Security Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) public report, organized crime groups have doubled from an estimated 900 groups in 2011 to 1,850 in 2019. NSICOP went on to declare that gang violence has become 'pervasive' in Canada.

"Despite this deeply concerning trend, the Trudeau government is softening sentences for dangerous criminals. Just earlier this year, the Liberals introduced Bill C-22, which weakened penalties for serious offenders.

"While Canadian cities become increasingly dangerous, the Liberal government has failed to take action against the criminals who destabilize and endanger our country.

"Instead of ideologically driven policies, it's time for the Trudeau government to impose tougher sentences on dangerous criminals. Conservatives call on the Prime Minister and Minister Blair to redirect their efforts into tackling organized crime groups that threaten the lives of ordinary Canadians.

"Canada's Conservatives will not rest until the Trudeau government starts holding organized crime groups accountable."