Shannon Stubbs Reacts to Rejected Emergency Debate Request on Teck Frontier

After Teck’s cancellation of Frontier yesterday today in Question Period Conservative MP for Lakeland, and Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Shannon Stubbs told the House of Commons that the job and investment losses in oil and gas under the Liberals were more than the entire automotive or aerospace sector combined. She said this should be the top economic emergency and a national unity crisis.


Twice she asked. “Does the Prime Minister want Alberta in Canada?” The Prime Minister did not answer the question. The Liberal Parliamentary Secretary for Natural Resources did not say ‘yes.’ Following Question Period, the Speaker of the House of Commons rejected Shannon Stubbs’ emergency debate request on the cancellation of Teck Frontier.


This announcement by Teck Frontier is the latest in a string of cancelled projects since the Liberals formed government in 2015. Including Teck, these eleven projects were worth almost $200 billion dollars. Currently there are 20 major oil and gas projects pending decisions by private sector proponents.  The cancellation of Teck Frontier is a blow to investor confidence in Canada. Despite meeting and exceeding every Liberal requirement – including securing benefit agreements with every local Indigenous community, committing to net zero by 2050, and using best in class environmental technology that will lower global emissions media reports Teck Frontier board members concluded public safety and political risks in Canada were too great to proceed.


The Liberal House Leader’s spokesperson tried to censor Shannon Stubbs, moving a point of order against her for ‘threating Canadian unity.’


She said, “Conservatives are fighting for all of Canada. But these Liberals continue to alienate, frustrate and attack Alberta. I will always stand up for Alberta in the House of Commons – without compromise. The Liberals can try to remove my voice – I will not stop and I will not apologize. The best interests of Alberta are in the best interest of Canada. Why didn’t the Liberals just stand up and say they value Alberta? I believe fellow Canadians do value Alberta and all our contributions to the country.”


Emergency debates were granted by the Speaker when Kinder Morgan announced the suspension of the Trans Mountain Expansion, and when General Motors announced the closure of the Oshawa automobile plant.