Stop C-69

Bill C-69 will mean the end of our natural resource industries as we know them.

Major projects will be cancelled.

No new pipelines will be proposed.

Canada will be less prosperous.

All because the hurdles Bill C-69 creates will prevent any major project from being approved.

Bill C-69 creates a list  vague conditions that a project must be evaluated by. These criteria will ensure years of court challenges for any project. This legislation opens the door to political interference in the project approvals process by giving federal cabinet ministers the ability to force a company to repeat any step of the approvals process.

This will prevent new investments in mines, oil and gas projects, and in pipelines.

This legislation is already killing jobs in Canada because it has caused great uncertainty for businesses and investors. 

The Conservative Caucus is using every tool in the toolbox to stop this job-killing legislation! Please join us and take a stand for our hard working resource workers and their families! 




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Shannon Stubbs