Stubbs First Conservative MP to Reply to Throne Speech: Highlights Importance of Lakeland

Ottawa--Today, Shannon Stubbs, MP, asked the first question in the first session of the 42nd Parliament, on behalf of the Conservative Official Opposition. Replying to the Speech from the Throne, Stubbs spoke about the outsized contributions made by the people and businesses of Lakeland to all of Canada, and about the challenges facing the energy sector in Alberta.

"It was jarring that there were no mentions of agriculture, energy, forestry or other natural resources in the Throne Speech," said Stubbs. "In fact, there was hardly anything about the private sector or key components of the Canadian economy at all. Incredibly, there was not one word in the Throne Speech about farmers, ranchers or rural Canadians, either."

The importance of agriculture to Canada's national interest cannot be overstated. The agriculture and agri-food sectors generate more than $100 billion in economic activity every year, and employ more than two million Canadians.

"Considering how significant the natural resources sector is to Canada's economy overall, accounting for 20% of GDP and providing 1.8 million jobs, while generating $26 billion of government revenue annually, it is disheartening that the only Throne Speech reference to natural resources reinforced the uncertainty plaguing the energy sector already," said Stubbs.

"Today the federal government confirmed it will impose a carbon tax, and change the regulatory process. These measures will further hamper the energy sector, potentially undermining its competitiveness in Alberta and Canada significantly, which will harm the whole country in multiple ways. And a carbon tax that will increase the cost of everything for everyone is bad for all of us, and it’s particularly the last thing that people on fixed incomes, unemployed and low income workers, farmers, seniors, oil and gas workers, and businesses, need. The response to my question in the House showed how totally out of touch with, and unaware, the federal Liberal government is of the priorities, contributions, needs and values of Lakeland. I will keep fighting for Lakeland and for Alberta."