The NDP-Liberals Must Axe Their Costly Carbon Tax!

Shannon Stubbs, MP for Lakeland, and Shadow Minster for Natural Resources, fought for struggling Canadians, and challenged the Liberals to cancel their failed carbon tax:


“Half of Canadians are already $200 away from going bankrupt each month. They now have to pay more in taxes than they can afford for food, clothing, and shelter combined! What’s worse is that prices for gas, groceries, and home heating are at record highs – so a record number of students, seniors, families, and working Canadians have to go to food banks!


She added that the Liberals’ claims about their rebates are misleading Canadians because they’re only talking about the carbon tax line item on bills.


Stubbs pointed out that even their own Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed on March 24, 2022, in his report analyzing the impact of the federal carbon tax scheme, that the carbon tax drives up the cost of everything, so the majority of Canadians are paying more than they get back, resulting in a net loss for most households.


Stubbs said: “So, the tax is up, emissions are up, prices are up, and the Liberals plan to make it three times worse when they triple the carbon tax next year. Why won’t they axe their failed carbon tax?”