Visiting Parliament

As your Member of Parliament, when I’m not in Lakeland, I’m in Ottawa fulfilling my Parliamentary duties by attending sittings of the House of Commons and committee meetings.  Every morning when I walk to my Ottawa office, I am reminded of this city’s unique history and it’s true beauty.  If you’re ever in the area, I encourage a visit to downtown Ottawa, and specifically, a tour of Parliament Hill.

Parliament Hill is open to visitors free of charge, seven days a week. Visitors may take a guided tour of Centre Block, attend live debates when the House of Commons is in session, and explore the Peace Tower and the Memorial Chamber.

If you’re interested in watching proceedings in the House of Commons (namely the ever-popular Question Period), I would be happy to request seats in the Member’s Gallery. As seating in this gallery is limited, please contact my office well in advance of your planned visit.

Additionally, I would be pleased to personally welcome you to my Ottawa office, should you have time during your time in Ottawa.

For more information about touring Parliament Hill, click here.