Liberals Broke Canada’s Regulatory Process. They Can't Be Trusted To Fix It.

Shannon Stubbs, Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, issued the following statement today following the release of Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy:

Reliability, Accessibility, and Competitiveness of Canada's Railways is Critical!

MP Shannon Stubbs wrote the following letter to the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Natural Resources: 

The NDP-Liberals Must Axe Their Costly Carbon Tax!

Shannon Stubbs, MP for Lakeland, and Shadow Minster for Natural Resources, fought for struggling Canadians, and challenged the Liberals to cancel their failed carbon tax:


Shannon Stubbs, Member of Parliament for Lakeland, was appointed by the new Conservative and Official Opposition leader, Pierre Poilievre, as the Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources. She issued the following statement:

A Landmark Pipeline Agreement with Indigenous Communities

MP Shannon Stubbs issued the following statement to the House of Commons on the historic Enbridge pipeline agreement with Indigenous communities: 

MP Stubbs Advocating for Local Metis Communities

MP Shannon Stubbs wrote the following letter to the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations on the impacts of Bill C-29 on Metis communities:

Pierre Poilievre Elected Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada!

MP Shannon Stubbs released the following statement on the victory of Pierre Poilievre:

Rural Canadians in Yukon are in Danger of Loosing Their Access to Internet

MP Shannon Stubbs wrote the following letter to the Ministers of Innovation, Science and Industry, and Rural Economic Development: 

Bill C-21 Punishes Legal Firearms Owners while Ignoring Illegal Guns used by Criminals

MP Shannon Stubbs released the following statement on Bill C-21, the NDP-Liberals' firearms confiscation program:

Liberal "No More Pipelines" Bill Declared Unconstitutional

MP Shannon Stubbs released the following statement following the Alberta Court of Appeal's ruling declaring Bill C-69 (No more pipelines bill) unconstitutional: