Trudeau still failing to move forward on pipeline projects

Lakeland, AB – Shannon Stubbs, the Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, today released the following statement regarding the National Energy Board’s recommendation to the Liberal cabinet on the Trans Mountain Pipeline:
“Today’s recommendation from the National Energy Board, while positive, does not get us anywhere closer to the pipeline getting built. All it does is put the decision back in the hands of the same Liberal cabinet that failed to start construction in the first place.

Justin Trudeau’s Job-Killing Carbon Scheme

Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Ed Fast, Conservative Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, and Shannon Stubbs, Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, today released the following statement regarding Justin Trudeau’s fuel standard regulations:

“Today, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals announced one more element of their job-killing carbon scheme. Their new fuel regulations will force industry to pay $230 dollars for every tonne of emissions reduced, dramatically increasing operating costs and putting Canada at an even further competitive disadvantage. These fuel regulations are in addition to the job-killing carbon tax.

The Liberals are choosing to make Canada not work

Published in the Hill Times, Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

When resource industries are attacked, the result is less money for every province, and for the vital public services Canadians depend on. (Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs, The Hill Times, Date: 20181212)


Liberals have taken action - action against our energy sector

Published in the Calgary Herald December 8, 2018.

Canada's economy is losing billions of dollars because the Liberals blocked the export pipelines Canadian oil and gas needs to reach new markets. Thousands of jobs are at risk - on top of the 100,000 that have already been lost. This is a national economic crisis.

Conservatives get pipelines approved: 1.2 million new barrels a day are flowing through pipelines approved and built under the previous Conservative government. Almost 500,000 new barrels a day are reaching tidewater.

Trudeau ignoring desperate crisis in energy sector: Stubbs


Ottawa, ON - Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, released the following statement regarding the Prime Minister’s comments in Calgary:

“The Prime Minister is deceiving Canadians when he says he supports Canada’s energy sector. He personally gave the order to cancel the Northern Gateway pipeline and killed the Energy East pipeline with red tape and regulations. The Prime Minister made the choice to cancel two major export pipelines– and that choice is a direct cause of the price discount on Canadian oil. 

MP Stubbs Highlights Lakeland’s Deep Ukrainian Roots


Two Hills, AB — On Wednesday, Member of Parliament Shannon Stubbs rose in the House of Commons to speak about the rich Ukrainian history in the riding of Lakeland Alberta.

The video of the statement can be found here:

This is the text of her statement:

“Ukrainians help build Canada, especially Lakeland. In 1891, they first came to Lamont County where I grew up, the “Cradle of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada” that celebrates the arrival of the first 125 families.

In 1903, my father in -law's family by train to lnnisfree to clear land and plant crops likely before they built houses, like so many others. By 1930, over 50,000 Ukrainians called Alberta home, the biggest community outside Ukraine.

This fall, Lloydminster and Nikopol became sister cities to observe and advance shared past and future. From churches, festivals, the Ukrainian village, the Victoria Settlement near Smoky Lake, the “Garlic Dome” in St. Paul, to the world's largest pysanka in Vegreville, a giant pierogi in Glendon, and kielbasa in Mundare, symbols of Ukrainian food, faith, family, language and culture dot Lakeland. So we remember Holodomor, the communist genocide against Ukrainians, and the people of Maidan who began a movement for a just and free democracy five years ago Canada can and must fight with Ukraine against ongoing threats and for its sovereignty.”

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs Responds to Latest Keystone XL Setback


TWO HILLS, ALBERTA– Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, today released the following statement regarding the Keystone XL pipeline’s latest setback:

“Today’s ruling demonstrates yet again why Canada must build new pipelines to export environmentally responsible Canadian oil and gas to new markets. If the Liberals hadn’t vetoed Northern Gateway and killed Energy East with last minute regulatory changes, Canada would have two new export pipelines. Instead the Liberals killed both.  

“The reality is Justin Trudeau has never championed Keystone XL. His weak response to the US veto of Keystone XL in 2015 was to simply say he was ‘disappointed.’ He failed to correct the repeated American myth that Canadian oil is ‘dirty’ – at a time when the United States imported record levels of Canadian oil. He failed to correct the record on Canada’s stronger environmental standards for oil and gas. He failed to make the case to American decision makers and failed to support TransCanada in the courts or through the NAFTA dispute resolution mechanism.

MP Stubbs Tables Last Respect Vegreville Petition in House of Commons


Ottawa, ON —Member of Parliament Shannon Stubbs tabled in the House of Commons the final collection of petitions calling on the Liberal Government to not close the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada Case Processing Centre in Vegreville. Even though the Case Processing Centre officially closed September 1st 2018, signed petitions continued to be submitted to Shannon Stubbs office.

This final petition included another 2,600 signatures of local residents who oppose the relocation of the Case Processing Centre.

Commenting on the tabling of the petition Ms. Stubbs said, “I am incredibly proud of how the entire community of Vegreville has pulled together in this difficult time. The Respect Vegreville campaign was a national force to be reckoned with. The fact is Vegreville employees far exceeded targets consistently and backed up other offices. It will cost millions more to operate in the new office, for little gain.”

She continued, “even after the closure, thousands of signatures from across Alberta and Canada kept arriving in support. Vegreville workers, Albertans and rural Canadians know the Prime Minister failed them and will not forget it. The residents of Vegreville will remember this decision by the Liberal Government come election time.”

Shannon Stubbs is available for comment on this story.

Canada’s Conservatives issue statement on Trans Mountain Expansion


Ottawa, ON – Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, and Cathy McLeod, Conservative Shadow Minister for Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, today released the following statement in response to the government’s announcement regarding the Trans Mountain Expansion:

“Today, the Liberals once again failed Canadian workers and their families and many Indigenous communities.  Getting the Trans Mountain Expansion built should be Justin Trudeau’s top priority.  But instead, he spent $4.5 billion of taxpayers’ money and still can’t tell workers when construction will start or when this important project will be completed.  Canadian families cannot wait until next year for a plan. For the workers and communities affected by Justin Trudeau’s failure, every day counts.

“The Federal Court of Appeal gave the Liberals clear directions to address their failure to properly consult with Indigenous communities. But instead of following those directions, the government announced they will launch another process, with no timeline, that will only further delay construction.  That is absolutely unacceptable.

“The Trans Mountain Expansion is crucial to oil and gas workers across Canada and to the regional economies that stand to benefit from its expansion, including the 43 First Nation communities that have benefit agreements worth $400 million which now hang in the balance.

“Thousands of workers have lost their jobs because of Justin Trudeau’s failure. The Prime Minister has a responsibility to use every available tool at his disposal to get the Trans Mountain Expansion built. 

“Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to get Trans Mountain built and to reverse Justin Trudeau’s damaging anti-energy policies and make Canada an attractive and competitive place for energy investment.  An Andrew Scheer Government will fix the mess that the Liberals have made, restore investor confidence and get Canadians back to work.”

Conservatives Celebrate LNG Canada’s Final Investment Decision


OTTAWA, ON – Shannon Stubbs, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, today released the following statement regarding LNG Canada’s final investment decision:

“Canada’s Conservatives welcome this important investment in Canada’s energy sector.  Our previous Conservative government championed LNG Canada through the approvals process and provided regulatory certainty for major resource projects because Conservatives know all Canadians stand to benefit from resource jobs and opportunities.

“While Justin Trudeau showed up for the final photo-op and tried to take credit for this investment, the reality is that it took years of Conservative action behind the scenes to get this project over the finish line.